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Fuck Yeah, Victorians!

the internet is, on a regular basis, good to me:


in other news, i have to say something about this john galliano thing, both as a jew and as a fashionista. this whole ordeal is ridiculous. there is nothing about the media coverage or galliano's punishment that is trying to stop antisemitism. what it is trying to do is stop the expression of antisemitism. what it's saying is, think, feel whatever you want. just make sure you don't get caught saying it aloud.
do i think galliano is an antisemite? well... probably a little, but he's european. i mean, what european is not an antisemite at least a little bit? i mean come on. how many british jews do you know? noooooooooooot many. also, i mean, jews are the most notorious antisemites! we are the most self-depricating assholes in this world, and we say the worst possible things about jews (even my dad says that he would never rent an apartment from a hasid), and no one fires us from our jobs!

here's my bottom line, as stated so eloquently by Alana Newhouse, editor of the online Jewish magazine Tablet:

"Dear ADL,

I'll give up Sheen and Gibson, but can I keep Galliano? Pretty please? He didn't mean it, I swear. He's just . . . British.


Alana" + Lauren

from: http://www.politicsdaily.com/2011/03/01/john-galliano-anti-semitism-and-the-power-of-words/

p.s. natalie portman... sure, you're a jew, but come on. you gave up your super jewy name (Hershlag), so you would better fit into hollywood (which, by the way, is totally run by jews but won't accept a great actress with a jewy last name? yeah... antisemitic jews). i don't wanna hear you talk about antisemitism.

john galliano appreciation post over at fashin


Mar. 4th, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
oh the hypocrisy!

and for chester, i'm excited for backstory!

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