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friends, i spent my weekend at fashion week. yes, you read that right. i was in the tents at lincoln center dressing models, and before that, i was in behnaz sarafpour's office sewing linings onto zippers, mending a couture gown, sewing in labels and putting a button on yet another couture gown. ridonk.

for my first fashion week experience, everything went really well and was pretty fun. sure, the stuff i had to do was pretty tedious and monotonous, but it was also amazing that i was even allowed to touch these high-fashion articles of clothing, let alone take a needle and thread to them.

the tents themselves were amazing (can i say amazing a few more times in this entry? i think so). it was so cool to be able to just... walk in. like, i said my name, and they were like, okay, go run around and do what you do. so good. free drinks and food (although i stayed away from the food. it seemed like the models needed it more than i did. i just gorged myself on free fiji water and diet pepsi).

so after a little setting up and last-minute lint rolling and steaming (we filled the steamer with about $20 worth of free fiji water, the only source of water we could find in the immediate vicinity), it was time to start dressing the models. let me tell you, i saw a lot of naked girls. the funny thing about this is that the younger ones are far less used to running around backstage naked, so you can see them doing these elaborate dances to get undressed and redressed without anyone seeing their hoo-has, and the more experienced models and just letting it all hang out, having entire topless conversations (mostly in a different language) with each other and with us, and it was totally NBD.

anyway, the only thing that will make this entry interesting for anyone else would be some pictures.
here is a gallery of all kinds of pictures of the presentation:

pay special attention to the nails and shoes. amazing. the nails were press on, and at the end of the show, the models just kind of threw them all over the place, so i picked them up and put them on my own damn nails and looked fabulous for the rest of the night.

this is one of the girls i dressed:

and here is another:

(she was my favorite, and i made victor let me dress her. creepy?)

here's a story! i broke the zipper on the finale gown! oh man, i am retarded.
so this dress had a really delicate invisible zipper and was too tight and had a million layers of fabric and a beaded belt inset into the waistline. this just added up to disaster. so there were three people, including me, who were trying to get this girl zipped into this stupid dress. i just happened to be the unlucky one trying to pull the slider at that time. everyone else is holding the zipper closed, while i try with all of my strength to pull the stupid thing up, and then all of a sudden, there it goes!... ... ... but only on one side. the slider popped off the left side of the zipper. NO GOOD! super freakout ensued. it was out of control. victor was shaking like michael j. fox, and he was like, "i'll just pin her in!" shake shake shake. i was like, "don't touch her with your parkinson's hands!" then behnaz runs over, takes charge, pins the zipper, and all is well. the whole ordeal maybe took one minute from my decision to help to getting the model the hell out of there and pushing her on stage.

this is that dress:

after a little while, i was able to go in and walk around the presentation, which was kind of awesome. i was surrounded by socialites and magazine people, staring at these flawless girls on top of pedestals. amazing? yes. there's that word again. i didn't see any famous people at the show, although i did see jill zarin of real housewives of nyc fame going into another show, and victor says there were some before i got a chance to get in there. i did, however, see some saudi royalty, and that was awesome. they were so f'ing attractive, it was stupid. also, very well dressed, of course. i would have killed a hobo for that girl's boots. also, the manolos the girls were wearing... and the fur hats. many hobos will have to die in the name of my closet.

more pictures!




i really have to thank victor valentin for getting me into the tents and all this. i mean, it's not like i got paid, and i definitely helped victor out, but it was also a really cool experience for me, so thanks victor and behnaz for having me!

also, thank you, trailer park, for supplying the post-show tots.

the man repeller

this is my new favorite fashion blog. i only wish i had the money to buy a giant mongolian sheep vest. why, god, have you cursed me with such flawless expensive taste and such a trailer trash wal-mart budget?



also, she's up for a blog award (most original). you could vote for her, if you wanted:

i would go for either fashiontoast or the glamourai for "best personal style blog."

japan is crazy

here is what i like about the word "BAMF":

In today's nomenclature, it stands for Bad Ass Mother Fucker.


I will always think of it like this:

i.e. the sound that Nightcrawler makes when he teleports.

Thus, when they say "BAMF of the Day" on TheDailyWh.at, I always think I'm gonna get some sweet Nightcrawler action, and I'm always disappointed.

le sigh.
what could have made that amanda palmer video/song better? oh, peaches.

amanda palmer, can you do more stuff like this? it's like bitch and animal meets lady gaga.

also, who did the costumes for this video, me?
I have completed a meme, which has also been completed by ravenface and mordicai, among others. I will now post it here and make you people do it, too. it's a video meme, so that's super special. i hope you enjoy!

in the interest of fulfilling one of my new years resolutions, i'm posting again! wow!
so i figured i'd show you people one of my favorite things on the internet:


the whole blog is pretty rad, and i'm pretty sure that i was meant to be best friends with this person, but this is definitely the best thing on it. OMG. really. come on, people: