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Feb. 24th, 2011

two things i want to talk about: my birthday and dichotomies.

first up, my birthday.

birthday time is exactly 12:26 a.m. on saturday. hopefully, i will be drunk and wearing something fabulous. at 4:00 p.m. on saturday, i am having a party. if you're reading this and want to come, let me know, and i will fbook you the information (katherine? travis? wanna bus it for the weekend?). we will be bowling and dancing and drinking, and then there's a semi-impromptu cheryl party at the public assembly lounge, which, conveniently, is very near to bowling. i would like to go to that. i like that it's cheap (only $5. that's my kind of party). i'm pretty excited. i put all of the planning in jon's hands, and he came up with a pretty fun thing. bowling and dancing. can you get any better than that? i'm hoping people dress up. nothing funnier than bowling in cocktail dresses. the more sequins and glitter, the better. i'm thinking about wearing gold lamé leggings. too much?

there are a lot of people out there who have a love/hate relationship with their birthday. not me! i have a love/even more love relationship with my birthday. since i'm still in my 20s, i'm still enamored with getting older, and i'm pretty excited for the year to come (school? i hope so!). in other words, i am SUPER PSYCHED! also, i get monday off, which makes me more happy than you can imagine.

now, on to the dichotomies that happened last night:

1) my dad gave me a whole bunch of his old stuff, like a turntable, receiver/tape deck and a surround sound system, and for my birthday, he bought me a 32" flat screen HD TV, which is so f'ing great. i've had the same crappy tv for at least 15 years now, so it's nice to finally upgrade. anyway, last night, jon set all of it up, so now my "entertainment system" includes a dvd player, tape deck, surround sound, turntable, and an f'ing awesome new tv. it's like i upgraded and downgraded all at the same time. it's kind of bizarre to look at. on a related note, if you have any records you're trying to get rid of, i will take them.

2) dreams. last night, i had a really uplifting and fun dream about kittens and other cute stuff. we all know how much i love cute stuff, so that was super great. definitely put a smile on my face. however, shortly after that dream, i dreamed that jon dumped me at my dad's house. DOWNER! of course, that was the one that i woke up to this morning, so it didn't start my day off too well. thankfully, jon was awake already (he had already taken a walk, made coffee, had breakfast and showered by the time i got up for work... what?), so i got to give him lots of hugs in order to convince myself that he's still around. that was nice.

guys. it's almost friday (also, almost my birthday! did i mention that?).

p.s. i bought the new issue of Vogue just because gaga was on the cover. is that okay?


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Feb. 24th, 2011 05:19 pm (UTC)
Fuuuuuuck I wanna go!! I am so POOR though. :( Also I need to be in town to take care of Andi, who is getting his album mastered on Sunday, about which he's been having a slow-burn breakdown for weeks.

We are going to visit New York SOON though, at which time, I better damn see you.
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